Seed Germination Mix

Seed Germination Soilless Mix

Our seed germination soilless mix is formulated to provide the ideal environment to anchor the roots of young plants so they grow stronger. Because it does not contain soil, which is more prone to carrying harmful bacteria and fungi, our seed germination soilless mix provides a more sterile environment for your seeds. However, without soil, the fertility levels may be lower. To compensate, we add pulverized limestone, trace elements, and a wetting agent to our seed germination soilless mix.

Our seed germination mix also contains peat moss, and coarse vermiculite. Peat moss is used because it holds water well, but also drains easily. Additionally, it is slightly acidic, making it great for seed germination. The coarse vermiculite granules retain three times their mass in water so the seeds can take what they need, when they need it, and you don’t have to risk over-watering.

Available Sizes:
  • 3 cu. ft. plastic bag

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Vermiculite granules for professionals.