Unique Applications

Perlite and Vermiculite Applications

Perlite and Vermiculite possess characteristics such as being light weight and having the ability to absorb and hold many times their size in liquids which make them easily adaptable for a variety of unique applications.

Listed below are several unique Perlite Uses and Vermiculite Uses.

  • Archeological Digs – a combination of perlite and vermiculite in geotextile bags placed against the fragile exposed walls of a dig providing protection and preservation.
  • Horse Stalls and Corrals – spread on the ground in corrals provides less compaction and more drainage. Similarly, when spread in animal stalls it also is much easier to use because it is light weight.
  • BBQ Fire Base – used as a base beneath the charcoal briquettes allows more air, prevents heat warping, and aides in an even burn. Additionally, less charcoal can be used.
  • Fish Aquarium Filter – in a freshwater system, Perlite can be used as a water filter. As a bonus, the used Perlite can be added to the soil for your house plants to provide more nutrients and water retention.
  • Glass Enameling – by using Vermiculite to slow down the rate of cooling, the enamel hobbyist reduces the number of beads that crack or shatter.
  • Garden Slug Deterrence – by using Perlite as a top dressing or soil amendment slugs stop before entering your garden.
  • Reptile Egg Incubation and Artificial Turtle Nests – biologists are using vermiculite to create artificial moist nests for turtle eggs.
  • Earthbag Roundhouses - used to fill bags to build a roundhouse to provide superior insulation.

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