Horticultural Application

Horticultural Uses for Perlite and Vermiculite

There are many uses for both horticultural Perlite and horticultural Vermiculite that ultimately require less maintenance on your part and optimum growth for your plants.

Listed below are the most common uses for horticultural Perlite and horticultural Vermiculite.

  • Seed Germination – creates an ideal sterile environment for the roots of young plants to take hold and grow stronger.
  • Rooting Cuttings – superior water retention creates an ideal growing environment for your rooting cuttings.
  • Hydroponic Gardening Systems – higher water holding capacity, aeration, and sterility produce higher yields without soil. Additionally, Perlite and Vermiculite can be recycled and used again and again.
  • Home Gardening – mixing with soil yields higher crops with less maintenance in both your outdoor garden, planters, and indoor containers.
  • Rooftop Gardening –as a light weight alternative to soil, Perlite and Vermiculite are perfect for rooftop gardening.
  • Turf Management for Athletic Fields and Golf Courses – keeps soil loose, improves drainage, reduces compaction, and is easier to apply making it ideally suited for turf management.
  • Landscaping – high water holding capacity makes Perlite and Vermiculite highly sought after by professional landscapers throughout the world, especially in areas where water shortages are common.
  • Greenhouse Growing – light weight, sterile, odorless, high water retention capacity, and aeration make Perlite and Vermiculite the clear choice for greenhouse growing.
  • Flower Bulb Storage - an ideal material for use in maintaining a thermal and moisture barrier around stored bulbs, roots and tubers.

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