Going Green

Going Green with Perlite

Rooftop Gardening with Perlite

By mixing horticultural perlite and peat moss together, growers can produce rooftop gardens that give back to the environment without the weight of normal soil. Additional advantages are that perlite is lightweight, doesn't deteriorate, retains water and plant food, chemically inert, completely sterile, safe and easy to use.

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Earthbag Roundhouse Building with Perlite

Perlite is a top choice for building earthbag roundhouses because its R-value of 2.7 per inch. 15? provides R-40 walls all around. That’s roughly double a superinsulated house. Even the tiniest heater would keep a small roundhouse warm if you have adequate roof and floor insulation.

Sustainable Growing and Water Conservation

A great way to conserve water within a soil mix to protect the environment - Perlite Water Holding Capacity