Perl-Lome Perlite

Perl-Lome Expanded Perlite

Perl-Lome Perlite is a loose, expanded perlite you mix with peat to create a perlite soil mix for indoor planting or hydroponics. Perl-Lome Perlite contains no seeds, disease or insects. The large surface area of the Perl-Lome particles is covered with tiny crevices that retain nutrients and moisture that your plants can use as needed.

When mixing your potting soil, make sure it contains at least 25 percent Perl-Lome Expanded Perlite for optimal drainage purposes. Its capillary action and more neutral pH make it better for hydroponics. Perlite helps plant roots breathe and is a light weight substitute for sand.

Use Perl-Lome to create a perfect perlite soil for starting seeds and rooting cuttings. Perl-Lome Perlite is a must addition to most soils for growing African Violets.

Available Sizes:

  • 8 qt./10 per baler
  • 20 qt./5 per baler
  • 2 ½ cu. ft. plastic bag

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