Perlite Grow Bags

Perlite Grow Bags

The PVP Perlite Grow Bag is ideally suited for new plants, rooting cuttings and hydroponic gardening. Plants are grown right in the Perlite grow bag which usually holds 3 to 4 plants and allows roots to grow through the Perlite growing medium. Because there is no soil mixed in with the Perlite growing medium, a drip irrigation system should be set up for use.

How to use a Perlite Grow Bag:

  1. Place grow bags on bench, irrigation troughs or directly on floor.
  2. Cut small slots in side of bag, approximately one inch to drain excess water. The slots should be at the top of the desired water reservoir.
  3. Cut up to 3 holes in the top of the bag approximately 2 inches in diameter.
  4. Using plant starting blocks position plants in holes cut in previous step.
  5. Install drip irrigation to irrigate each plant.
  6. Arrange proper support to enable plants to grow to desired height.

Benefits of using Perlite Grow Bags

  • Higher yields - 7% more tomatoes then in Rock Wool.
  • Perlite growing medium is sterile so there is no seed or bacteria contamination
  • High water holding capacity and high capillary attraction
  • High aeration ability
  • Reusable for multiple growing cycles
  • Easily disposed of after use

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Vermiculite and Perlite gardening products.